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Looking for a place in Amsterdam

Looking for a place in the Amsterdam is not easy given it’s population density. However, there are thousands of people looking to buy, sell, rent or lease real estate everyday. If you have recently moved to the Netherlands and are looking to rent there are a few things to consider. We also feature some secret tricks that you may not have thought about!

The Real Estate Broker Charges a Fee

The real-estate broker usually charges a fee. This can be anywhere from 200EUR to a FULL month’s rent. Be careful. Also note most realtors will ask you to put down a deposit. So for your first month’s rent you may be expected to put down 3 times the cost of one month’s rent. The deposit you get back at the end. The key is to try and NEGOTIATE. The Dutch are savvy business people, but like to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Just try, in the worst case you may get a “NO”. Who cares at least you tried. If you deal with smaller real-estate agencies the negotiations may go easier seeing as they need the business. Your best bet is to try and reduce the fee and\or the rent. Always remember if you are getting a place furnished you may ask them to rent it unfurnished and get the apartment at a discount. You can then buy your own furniture, you will have broken even after approximately one year if you decide to shop at IKEA and watch your budget. Ask for a discount of anywhere between 100-200 EUR per moth for them to remove the furniture. Also if you sign a lease for longer ask for a discount. For example if you know you are here for two years at least, ask for a reduction and sign a two year lease as an example.

Extended Stay

If you are planning to stay for an extended period of time in the Netherlands (i.e. 3-5 years or more) then the ideal thing to do might be to buy something. Currently there are a lot of new developments going up at a reasonable price. Remember, the banks will offer more financing seeing as the interest on a mortgage is income tax deductible. Keep in mind that you can buy a place for very little or no money down because of this policy. In recent years the Dutch government has talked about removing this.However, it probably won’t happen overnight.


Be careful where you rent and\or buy. Old run down places near lovely canals feature lovely, furry small creatures that love cheese! It’s not uncommon to have places in Amsterdam overlooking the lovely canals that are infested with mice and\or Rats.

Read the fine print

  • In Holland they go by rooms. 3 rooms means 2 bedrooms and 1 living room. Or it could mean 1 bedroom and two living rooms. Make sure the kitchen includes a dishwasher and that a washing machine is present somewhere. A dryer is not standard in Holland neither is an oven. But a stove is. You can always buy a small very good portable oven for approximately 150EUR. So if you like to bake that might be an option for you
  • Remember the rent listed my not always include heating and\or electricity. This will cost approximately anywhere between 100-150EUR per month depending on usage
  • If possible try and put a clause that allows you to break the lease with 3 months warning. In the event that you decide to buy or find a better place. Remember they cannot evict you unless the owner decides to live there. KNOW your rights and don’t be pushed around because you’re NOT a local.

Here are some brokers that you may find useful:

  1. Funda.nl
  2. Expat-Amsterdam-Apartment.com
  3. Pararius
  4. Direct Wonen
  5. Kamernet.nl
  6. Rotsvat.nl
  7. Amsterdam Beautiful Property Rentals
  8. Goed Hart
  9. Living Today
  10. Be Home Rentals
  11. Eday.nl
  12. Van De Steege
  13. IDA Housing
  14. JLG Real Estate
  15. Park Real Estate
  16. perfecthousing.nl

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