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Spring Fling

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Truly an incredible event! This event was held several times at the very famous Van Puffelen. This old rustic Dutch style pub provides a wondrous jaw dropping enchantment which will truly transcend the ages. The fun started early and went on until LATE! Loads of amazing worldly internationals from all across the globe. Truly remarkable peeps. That's us Expats in Amsterdam!

Sunday Afternoon Bubbly

  • Heating up the night...
    Heating up the night...
  • Global...
  • Local...
  • Expats in Amsterdam...
    Expats in Amsterdam...
  • Swedish, Scottish, Spanish...SIZZLE!!!
    Swedish, Scottish, Spanish...SIZZLE!!!

A Sunday afternoon that was soon not forgotten. This event was featured at the lovely Bubbles and Wines in Amsterdam. This drinks session followed our field trip to Breda the day before. Fit for royalty. Made for you. Live it. Love it. Expats in Amsterdam.

Sensual Sunday Afternoon

  • Chillin Out @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
    Chillin Out @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
  • ;-)
  • Pour Pour Pour Bartender Pour!!
    Pour Pour Pour Bartender Pour!!
  • Live @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
    Live @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
  • Live @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
    Live @ Suzy Wong - Leidseplein
  • Expats in Amsterdam - The Lovely Smiles :-)
    Expats in Amsterdam - The Lovely Smiles :-)

Our biggest bash ever! Awesome peeps from all over the globe. Cocktails were delicious with loads of choices. Mohito, Sex on The Beach, Long Island you name it we got it!

Expat Expedition: Brabant!

Expat Expidition: Brabant!

Saturday November 13th was a very special event! Expats in Amsterdam was very pleased to bring you this expedition to Breda in the province of Brabant for the day! This city, rich in history, has a few lovely sites and a lovely ambiance that is enjoyable for everyone.
The good thing about this event was that people got a chance to meet on the train beforehand which made the day all the more enjoyable. We started the day off by having a nice lunch in a cool cozy place near the station. We later then headed towards the center only to find the SINTERKLAAS parade. What a shocker this age old Dutch tradition is for the expats! Essentially every 5th of December a fictitious character known as SinterKlass arrives on a boat from Spain with his helpers

We later then headed to the Grote Kerk and had to exit quickly because a planned concert was about to take place. The architecture of this church is absolutely marvelous and speaks wonders even to the most architecturally challenged. We later then proceeded to see the Spanjaardsgat. Unfortunately the museum of Breda was closed due to renovations. We did however visit the museum of graphic design. This was absolutely amazing. A must see. Our favorite exhibition was the gallery entitled "Uncovering women" which features all the developments relating to women in the Netherlands and the media throughout the 20th century. Many shocking facts to be discovered. Interestingly enough, the Netherlands touts itself as being a egalitarian country between men and women. However as you will see, in the past this was not always the case. We ended off the night with a nice dinner and then hit a bar. We stayed until quite late, luckily the trains run until late. We will definitely do another expedition...Stay tuned for more..

Brain Drain @ Bar Italia

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Simply Amazing!

Cozy Drinks on "Wheels"

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Meet and mingle with like minded internationals and have a few drinks at this relaxed, soulful and very cozy venue. Ideal for making new friends or just simply hanging out with old ones. See you there! A very cozy time! This was our first event ever and was a huge success. We had close to 100 people! The Café Wheels was nice. We’ll definitely do another event over there! Most people showed up around 10ish and we partied until 1 in the morning and then we all hit a club! Overall a great night! Finally got a chance to meet all the cool members.Thanks to all whom attended.

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